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Biography Maria del Carmen writer

María del Carmen Aranda, Madrid-Spain (1958). She has studied in Switzerland and graduated in Foreign Trade in Spain, currently holds a responsible position in a Japanese multinational. However, the letters has been always her true passion. It was during his trip to England where he took the first steps, focusing at that time in poetry and short stories, good sampling of his prolific creation are: "Flores Nuevas, "Cálida Esperanza" or "Palabras Indiscretas "works that were warmly received by the public and critics. However, despite the success, it was not until 2008 when she decided to publish his first novel "Flores entre Escombros" Flowers in the rubble” (Eride Editions), a biographical account within a cultural and political context that goes back to the harsh Spanish postwar and more specifically the situation of children in times of hardship, hunger and hardships.
Two years later, in 2010, came to light  with a new book "La 5ª Clave. Encuentra lo que siempre has buscado” The Fifth Key. Find what you've always wanted "deep reflection, told through curious and atypical characters, perseverance, pursuit of happiness and the power of faith when it comes to turning a dream into reality.
Her last novel published in June 2013, “Las Ventanas del Mundo” "The Windows of the World" is a visionary, futuristic and full of fantasy novel to convey his critical and nonconformist spirit of a fallen world current and future year 2,487 new civilizations discovering their secrets, livelihood systems, food ... etc ... and its consequences; shows your concern for our planet where a single decision has the power to change everything; a work which for many is not futuristic, but now more relevant than ever.
Currently this book has been passed to Audio format by the National Organization of the Blind in Spain "ONCE"

Magazine columnist in http://www.otromundoesposible.net/el-rincon-de-carmen ( Another World is Possible at its "Carmen's Corner), regularly impresses with their stories; He is also active and Jury President of the Ibero Contests short stories and others, such as the published book, being an active part of "Another World is Possible".
In Brief,she will publish her new book called “Susurros al aire”  "Whispers Air" which includes a beautiful cast of short stories along with some poems, prose and narrative intertwine getting, from the first moment capturing the reader's attention with its expressive accuracy.
Captivated by the day, this book tells wrapped by the imagination and the desire to recover lost values ​​every day more real stories. Short stories whose characters come to life and personality.
Just read any of the lines to understand that it is a book that will be with you forever.
It only remains to say, that Maria del Carmen Aranda returns to surprise us making the letters are in the eyes of the world through its new publication "Whispers Air"
For your information, all her books have been published by the groupEride editions” having a great reception by the public.


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